Hyvärilä opening hours, the week’s menu, local history and contact information

Opening hours

Opening hours

Hyvärilä offers customer service every day of the week all year round.

Hyvärilä opening hours >

Hyvärilä opening hours

MON - FRI: 8-16 • SAT - SUN: 8–15

Our restaurant-café
MON - FRI: 7-15 • SAT - SUN: 8-15

For our guests: if you will arrive after our opening hours, please contact the reception (tel.: 040 104 5960 or ) in order to arrange the key pickup.



Hyvärilä – Youth and Holiday Centre
Lomatie 12, FI-75500 NURMES (map)
Tel. +358 4010 45960

Invoicing address >

Invoicing address

Official name:

Nuoriso - ja matkailukeskus Hyvärilä Oy
y-tunnus 0356915-5


1. Paper invoices:
Nuoriso- ja matkailukeskus Hyvärilä Oy
Ostolaskut 16945F
PL 10

2. Electronic invoices:
Electronic invoice address: FI4752990120008650
Operator: Osuuspankki (OKOYFIHH)
Type: Finvoice

3. Invoices via email:

Contact information

Contact information

Contact details for the staff, management, reception, marketing, sales and project work.

Contact information >

Contact information


Jason Koukku puh. 040 7483 286, jason.koukku(@)

Reception and sales puh. 04010 45960

Service manager
Marja Ruokolainen, puh. 040 7087 550, marja.ruokolainen(@)
Sales and reception
Aura Hiltunen tel. 040 658 3106, aura.hiltunen(@)
Sales and marketing
Anu Tirkkonen, tel. 040 708 7616, anu.tirkkonen(@)

Kitchen/restaurant puh. 040 7086 899

Aija Harakka - tel. 040 6583 097, aija.harakka(@)
Jouko Harakka - jouko.harakka(@)
Eila Korhonen - eila.korhonen(@)
Helena Rissanen - helena.rissanen(@)

Program services, camp schools

Chief of youth operations
Tuija Hurri, puh. 040 7087 471, tuija.hurri(@)

International youth work coordination

International affairs coordinator
Ekaterina Sysoeva, puh. 050 5708 634, ekaterina.sysoeva(@)

Project coordinator
Eila Lintunen, tel. 050 3394 659, eila.lintunen(@)

Nuotta training

Sanna Jääskeläinen, tel. 050 4087 831, sanna.jaaskelainen(@)


Sami Nevalainen, tel. 0400 311 282, sami.nevalainen(@)


SOL Palvelut



From Kurjala farm to Hyvärilä youth centre Hyvärilä has a diverse and interesting history.

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Topical information about Hyvärilä and current offers.

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Environmental policy of Hyvärilä

Environmental policy of Hyvärilä

Hyvärilä is a Green Key certified youth and tourism center, located on the shore of Lake Pielinen in North Karelia. Location determines our involvement in the international Green Key environmental program.

Environmental policy of Hyvärilä >


Hyvärilä is a Green Key certified youth and tourism center, located on the shore of Lake Pielinen in North Karelia. Location determines our involvement in the international Green Key environmental program. It means that we are working to develop sustainable tourism by reducing the environmental impact of our overnight stays and preserving nature.

Learn more: What is Green Key?

What do we want?

We want to continue living in the pristine nature also in the future. We want to make sure that future generations also get to the find forest hills full of blueberries, fish striped perch from lake Pielinen, and sometimes take a dip in its fresh waves. Here at Hyvärilä, our daily lives include taking care of the environment, and we always strive to be more sustainable and ecological.

What do we do?

Our mission requires environmentally friendly choices from each of us: we train our employees and guide our customers. As a youth center, we want to promote the environmental awareness especially among the young generation. We want to use our own example to encourage everyone else to act ecologically.

In Hyvärilä, we constantly increase selection of organic products and local food. For example, our coffee is fair trade sourced and our printing paper is eco-labeled. We use eco-labeled products for cleaning as well. We measure the amount of food waste with a waste scale daily and keep our customers aware about it.

We let each person clearly see how many grams of uneaten food they throw into biowaste every day, we hope that next time they will be able to choose differently and pay attention to their habits. For us, in turn, measuring wasted food reveals the foods that cause the most waste. According to it, we can change our menus.

We make conscious choices to save energy: we adjusted the water flow to the ideal level to save water. We inform our customers about linen and towel change intervals and room cleaning. The solar panels on roof of the manor hotel collect energy, which is utilized directly to power the building. We collect the waste heat generated in the kitchen and use it for heating.

Hyvärilä's environmental friendliness starts with the small deeds that are part of us and the way we operate.

Hyvärilä educates

Hyvärilä is a youth and tourism center, and most of our customers are young people from Finland and around the world. That is why our programs include a red line of environmental education: we pass on information about the wonders of nature, the secrets of recycling, and our potential to contribute to climate change. In Hyvärilä young people can experience nature in nature.

We use muscle power when rowing and paddling, snowshoeing and skiing, climbing and descending. We do international youth work. We promote multiculturalism, tolerance and equality. Overcoming all kinds of borders is an everyday task for us.