International volunteering opportunities for young people

Every year international volunteers come to Hyvärilä for long-term and short-term programs which allow them to explore Finland and discover their inner potential. Volunteer work includes helping youth workers run activities and programs for young people within camps and Youth house daily work, arranging workshops and cultural meet-ups for local young people in Nurmes area, helping to organize events and camps in Hyvärilä, helping kitchen and maintenance in their daily work.

Hyvärilä helps young people from Finland to find opportunities to volunteer abroad – contact us for more information. International volunteering projects are implemented within European Solidarity Corps programme.

Meet our volunteers of 2020!

Elisa from Belgium


I’m Elisa. I am from a small country called Belgium. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to move, discover, learn, travel. So when I heard about the European Solidarity Corps, it was a revelation to me. I could go, in a northern country, those countries that make me dream so much, meet people from other cultures, learn and discover their cultures. A dream that was about to come true. So when I saw the announcement to volunteer in Hyvärilä, I jumped at the opportunity. All of whom I dreamed were gathered. Graduated in Graphic Industry and Web design, my studies will be useful during this stay. And I will be able to learn so much. I never really traveled and I felt this need to go away, for a long time to discover myself by learning more about the world but also about myself. Passionate about history, art and music I look forward to learning more about the rest of the world.

Olga from Germany


I am Olga and I am coming from Germany. Being interested in politics, nature, cultures, languages and youth work I decided to come to Hyvärilä for new adventures. As I am very motivated to make changes especially on a small scale, I am looking forward to being part of the community of Nurmes to bring in more sunshine and cultural exchange. I experienced intercultural exchange to be most efficient when it comes to globalisation and human interaction as well as understanding each other. I have been in touch with youth work for many years, giving workshops at schools and
training young people to do the same, doing mentoring and working on youth participation when it comes to political decision making. I am looking forward to applying my knowledge and experiences as well as learning new things.

Meet our volunteers of 2019!

Margarida from Portugal


My name is Margarida, I´m from Portugal and I graduated in chemical engineering. I enjoy being around Nature and to go hiking, photography and sports.
I came to Finland because I wanted to do something different regarding my background, to have international experience, meet a new culture, to network and
discover more of myself. I like to keep broaden the mind, try new things and learn new ways. As part of the DIGI-Woods project, I help with digital youth work
and media, promoting both Hyvärilä and Metsäkartano youth centres, supporting their activities. I also get to explore the Finnish rural areas, and share my
experience on social media. What inspires me the most is to see young people being curious and risk-takers, trusting life and breaking stereotypes.

Angela from Romania


I am Angela and I come from Romania. I am scout, a passionate learner, an enthusiastic person and I like challenges. Driven to make a change in the world,
I chose to study journalism and the same driver conduct me to be a teacher. In the past years education was my main interest, so I am doing my volunteering in
European Solidarity Corps, in Hyvärilä, a beautiful youth center in the east of Finland. As a nature lover, I am willing to discover how nature is part of the learning
experiences and how I can integrate environmental awareness in my future work. Also, I want to discover the Finnish culture and the education system.

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